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February 08th 2014 Norming Software received the Development Partner of the Year 2013 award at the Sage Insights conference that was held from February 7th to 9th 2014 in South Africa. It is the 7th consecutive awar..
Jan. 4,  2013 Effective immediately, the Norming office (Beijing) is moved to the following address, please update your record accordingly. Suite 1801, Tower A, GT International Center A3 Yong An Dong L..
Nov. 12, 2012 The Norming website was just moved to a Windows Azure data center, which is based in West US. The website is faster, and the product download can be finished within a few minutes. The w..
April 19, 2012 Plus Compute just announced a preferred partner list for their market. Norming Software was selected because of the excellent products and top class service we have delivered to their customers. Please refer to the partner l..
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