Norming Resource Manager 2019 is Released

August 12th 2019

Dear Partners,

Thanks for your continued support of Norming solutions. Norming Resource Manager 2019 is released with the below new features:

Part I - New Modules

PO Receipt Requisition

PO Receipt Requisition works with Sage Purchase Order module, which initiates goods receipt action from the ESS Portal for approval/QC purposes then pass to Sage 300 P/O Receipt Entry.


A/P Payment Requisition

A/P Payment Requisition works with Sage Account Payable module, which allows you to send payment request through the ESS Portal. The approved payment requisitions can be transferred to Sage A/P module as formal payment entries.


Sales Quotation

Sales Quotation works with Sage Inventory Control and Order Entry modules, which allows you to generate sales quotations for approval via ESS portal. Once you 'Win' the deal with the sale quote, the sales quote can be posted to Sage O/E as order entry. Revision copies for Sales Quotation can be created manually or automatically per settings.

Part II - New Features

RFQ for Purchase Requisition

Provides the ability to automate the RFQ process, which allows you to send RFQ electronically to multiple vendors via the ESS portal.

Vendors are able to respond to the quote online, which provides real-time updating of the quote information

E-mail Monitor for Purchase Requisition

Provides the E-mail Monitor function at backend for Purchase Requisition, to check the deliverability of the ‘PO creation’ notification emails. It also provides the ability to re-send E-mails if they are failed to be delivered.

Expense Report List 

Provides the Expense Report list facility at the backend to list the expense reports with specified filters. Expense reports from different expense batches can be posted together by one click.

Part III - Enhancements

Purchase Requisition

1. Provides the Quote tab for a summary view of the quotes.

2. Approval can be done by document or by detail. 

3. Add the access permission to Division, Region, Department, Cost Center and/or Job for buyers.

4. Provides the option to submit PR with single vendor mode.

5. Tax amount can be calculated and shown on Purchase Requisition.

6. Provides the ability to control the purchase cost against PJC budget.

7. Provides the ability to define which PR fields to be displayed in the App.



1.Provides the ability to control the expense against GL Account Budget.

2.Provides the ability to control the expense against Project Budgets (PJC Estimate or PJC Budget).

3. Allows the employees to specify the Cash Advance to be applied to their Expense report.


Cash Advance

Provides the ability to view the balance and applied details of posted Cash Advance via ESS Portal.


Travel Request

1. Cash Advance request can be generated and approved along with a travel request.

2. Displays the associated cash advance on the 'Approved' travel request.



1. Supports Shift.

2. Displays the leave time/balance by the UOM defined in Time Management Options.


Custom Requisition

The posting process of custom requisition can trigger an .exe program, whereas the previous versions only supports Sage 300 macro.


Custom Report

Provides the ability to schedule the Report printing with the Admin Portal scheduler. The printing result can be sent to the specified recipients automatically.


To Approve List

Provides the 'Rejected' menu, where you can see all the requisitions/documents that you rejected.



1. Supports Custom Role/Variable in all the transactions.

2. Supports 'Approver Group' role ('All‘, ’Specified Approver‘, ’Half or More‘ and ’Any of the Approvers') in all the transactions.

3. Provides the 'Transfer' ability for all the transactions.



1. Adds the 'Rejected' status for all the transactions. 
2. PJC Timecard that generated by Expense/Timesheet can be posted automatically.
3. Provides the ability to log into another company without re-login ESS portal.

4. Allows to save the finder column layout.

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