Norming Resource Manager 2021 PU1 is Released

October 22nd 2021

Dear Partners,

Thanks for your continued support of Norming solutions. Norming Resource Manager 2021 PU1 is released with the below new features:

Part I - Highlights

• Provides the ability to create multiple tabs with pre-defined filters in the 'To Approve List' for each transaction, which helps approvers to easily group and locate the To-Approve documents.

• Two-factor authentication can be enabled to improve the system security.

Part II - New Features

Purchase Requisition

1. Allows to maintain the Drop-ship information for PR details.
2. PRs can be marked as 'Urgent' to highlight in the PR list.
3. Allows to enter total tax amount to distribute to details for 'Single Vendor' PO Request.
4. Supports the 'Database Stored Procedure' for the FRQ function. The Stored Procedure can be executed upon FRQ submission to add your own business validation.
5. E-mail alerts can be sent to buyers upon rejection from the Back-End application.

Item Usage Requisition

1. Allows to use the Item Usage Requisition number as the document number for PJC Material Usage/IC Internal Usage.

P/O Receipt Requisition

1. A different approval workflow can be used if the goods are over received.
2. Allows to enter total tax amount to distribute to details. 
3. Allows to specify exchange rate on P/O receipt requisition.
4. The 'Arrival Date' can be maintained for receipt details. 
5. The 'Expense Account' can be modified for receipt details.
6. E-mail alerts can be sent to the specified recipients after the receipt requisitions being posted to Sage 300 P/O. 
7. Provides the 'Requisition Status' Report in the Backend Application.

P/O Invoice Requisition

1. Allows to maintain 'Division', 'Region', 'Department', 'Cost Center' and 'Job' fields in P/O invoice requisition.

A/P Invoice Requisition

1. Displays the approvers' comments in the 'Rejected' document list. 
2. Allows to specify 'Apply-To Document' for Credit Note requisitions. 
3. E-mail alerts can be sent to requestors upon the rejection from the Backend Application.


1. The 'Overtime Processing Method' (cashing or banking) can be specified in the Timesheet Entry.

LEM Report

1. Allows to enable/disable the Expense function for LEM Report. 
2. A default Pay Code can be specified for each PJC Labor Category.
3. Displays the 'Approver' column in the LEM Report List at the Backend Application.

Sales Quotation

1. Provides the Sales Split ability.

Mobile APP

1. Improves the UI layout.

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