Norming Resource Manager 2021 is Released

July 23rd 2021

Dear Partners,

Thanks for your continued support of Norming solutions. Norming Resource Manager 2021 is released with the below new features:

Part I - New Module

Manager Console

Manager Console offers inquiry functionality that helps the managers or key users to easily query the documents from the web portal.  With this tool, users are allowed to access/approve all the documents that been created within Resource Manager, and document access can be fully controlled by setting up the permissions with flexibility. The search criteria can be pre-defined and saved in the system, users can quickly get the information they want with a few clicks. 

Part II - Highlights

1. Workflow:

• Allows approvers to reject the requests to a specific approval step. In the previous versions, the rejected approvals need to be started over.
• Provides separate email templates for 'Transfer' and 'Endorse' activities.
• Provides the Workflow Logs report. 
• The submitter can be specified as an approver in the approval workflow.
• All the approvers in one approver group can view the requests that are approved by other approver(s) in the group, while in the previous versions, the approvers in one approver group can only view the requests that approved by themselves.
• For a 'Specified Approver' approval level, now you can specify multiple approvers to do approval, while in the previous versions you can only specify one approver to do approval.
• For a 'Custom Role' approval level, it gets passed only if all the approvers defined in the custom role approve the requests.

2. The access permission to 'Basic' type of PJC contract can be defined and applied to the following transactions:

• Timesheet
• Expenses
• Purchase Requisition
• A/P Payment Requisition
• Sales Quotation 
• Advance Request
• Travel Request

3. Web Portal

• Attachment checking ability is now available for all the transactions.

4. Technology Improvements

• To prevent brute force attacking,  the verification code is required if a user attempts to log in with an incorrect password three consecutive times
• The encryption method is upgraded to meet higher security requirement.
• For security consideration, the types of files can be uploaded to the web portal are limited as following: '.lic', '.rpt', '.doc', '.docx', '.xls', '.xlsx', '.csv', '.ppt', '.pptx', '.pdf', '.odt', '.txt', '.gif', '.png', '.jpg', '.jpeg' and 'bmp'

5. Mobile APP

• Improves the mobile app UI.

Part III - New Features

Purchase Requisition

1. Allows to modify, approve and update the existing POs in Sage 300.
2. Allows to edit the GL account in Job Related POs.
3. Allows to create POs with multiple vendors from Sage Requisition Entry.
4. RFQ related improvements:
   4.1 Supports Tax calculation.
   4.2 Provides a separate email template for resending RFQ.
   4.3 Enables the permission control over RFQ function.
   4.4 Adds * symbol for required fields in RFQ forms.
5. Allows to show unit cost with a different costing method for cost comparison.
6. Provides more user-friendly UI. 
7. Adds control to hide/show Quotation tab.
8. Allows to use the RM Purchase Requisition Number as Sage P/O Number.
9. The search criteria can be pre-defined and saved in the To-Approve-List for approvers to easily group and locate the pending PRs.

Item Usage Requisition

1. Allows to specify GL Account in the Item Usage Requisition detail grid in the Employee Portal.
2. Provides the budget control ability against GL Account Budget.
3. Provides the budget control ability against PJC Estimate/Budget.
4. Supports Sage 300 Optional Fields.

P/O Invoice Requisition

1. The Posting Date can be modified on the P/O Invoice Requisition screen in the Employee Portal. 
2. Creates the file folder with the name of 'Vendor Number-Invoice Number' for each P/O invoice requisition to store the attachments that uploaded through the Employee Portal.

A/P Invoice Requisition

1. Allows to maintain Terms Code and Due Date in the Employee Portal.
2. Adds the following email variables in the E-mail template: Vendor, Vendor Name, Vendor Contact and Employee's Comment.
3. Provides the Print function on the Budget screen in the Employee Portal.
4. Displays the submission date and next approver in the Awaiting Approval List of the Employee Portal.
5. Displays the Approved Date column in the Approved/Posted List of the Employee Portal. 

A/P Payment Requisition

1. Fully supports Withheld Tax.
2. Permission access to Bank and Vendor can be defined in the A/P Payment Requisition Types. 
3. Adds the following functions for the Misc. Payment transaction on the Employee Portal:
    3.1. Provides the ability to import/export details. 
    3.2. Provides the budget control ability against GL Account Budget.
4. Provides the ability to send email notification to relevant persons during posting process.
5. Provides the 'Requisition Status' report at the Backend application.

Sales Quotation

1. Allows to upload attachment on the 'Win' screen in the Employee Portal.

Expense Report

1. Provides the print ability on the Budget screen in the Employee Portal. 

Travel Request

1. Provides the ability to approve expense estimates by details. To use this function, be sure to select the 'By Detail' option when setting up custom role at the Backend Application.


1. Provides the ability to auto-insert the default work time when creating a new timesheet. 
2. Provides the ability to prompt warning message upon submission if the daily work time is not between the minimum and maximum work hours. 
3. 'Piece Rate Table' Pay Code (defined in Canadian Payroll or US Payroll) can be used in Timesheet.


1. Allows approvers to modify the overtime hours in the overtime requests.


1. The leave account can be viewed, carried over and adjusted through the Employee Register screen at the Backend Application.
2. Improves the layout of the Leave Account screen at the Backend Application.


LEM Report

1. Allows to enter expenses in web LEM report, and the expenses can be posted to Sage 300 PJC Timecard. 
2. PJC transactions can be generated during posting or through the 'Create PJC Transactions'  function. 


1. Provides the 'G/L Account Budget Inquiry' Report.
2. Provides the 'PJC Estimate Inquiry' Report.
3. Provides the 'PJC Budget Inquiry' Report.
4. Displays the Leave time in the Time Usage report.

Admin Portal

1. Improves the 'Approve Reminder' schedule to consolidate the notifications into one email by approvers. 
2. Provides log files for ‘Schedules’.
3. Provides more filters to select employees when creating ESS users.
4. Allows to specify an expiry date for the password for ESS users.


Mobile APP

1. Provides the Overtime Bank functionality.
2. Allows to maintain values for UOM, Expense Account and Tax Class fields in the Expense screen.
3. Provides control to display or allow the edit of fields for Expense and Timesheet on the mobile app can be defined in the Admin Portal/ESS Users.
4. For Purchase Requisition functionality, the 'Terms Code' and 'Ship Via' fields can be viewed/edited, and the details can be consolidated per items on the mobile app.
5. Displays the Items' Location Details information in the Sales Quotation functionality.
6. The following fields can be viewed/edited in the Expense, Purchase Requisition and Item Usage Requisition screens: Division, Region, Department, Cost Center and Job.

Sage 300 Web Screen

1. Provides the LEM Report screen. 
2. Provides the Leave Account screen.
3. Provides the Leave Account History screen.
4. Provides the Overtime Bank screen.
5. Provides the Timesheet Inquiry screen.
6. Provides the GL Budget Inquiry screen.
7. Provides the PJC Budget Inquiry screen.
8. Provides the PJC Estimate Inquiry screen.
9. Provides the print screens for all the backend reports.

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