Norming Resource Manager 2020 PU5 is Released

April 9th 2021

Dear Partners,

Thanks for your continued support of Norming solutions. Norming Resource Manager 2020 PU5 is released with the below new features:

Part I - Highlights

•  Mobile APP

   1. Provides the 'Contacts' function.

   2. Provides the PJC integration for Sales Quotation, Advance Request and Travel Request, whereas the PJC 

       integration is only available for Purchase Requisition, Expense Report and Timesheet in the previous versions.
   3. The LEM Report can be approved through the mobile app.
   4. Provides the 'Endorsement' ability for Expense Report and Purchase Requisition.
   5. Improve the layout for all the screens. 

•  Supports the 'Database Stored Procedure' for all the transactions. The Stored Procedure can be executed 

    upon 'Save', 'Submit', 'Approve', 'Reject' and 'Print' to add your own business validation.

Part II - New Features

•  Purchase Requisition

   1. Add the 'Requisition Total' column in the Web Purchase Requisition List.

   2. Add the 'Post to' filter in the Back-End Purchase Requisition List.

   3. Besides the previous supported recipients, now you're able to send the printed result (in PDF) for PO or PR to the

       requestor's supervisor, division/region/department/cost center/job manager and specific approver group.

•  Sales Quotation

   1. Provides the 'Copy' ability to create a new sales quotation by copying an existing one.
   2. Provides the 'Restore' ability to restore a sales quotation from a revision copy.

•  A/P Invoice Requisition

   1. Besides the previous filters, now you can search A/P invoice requisition by vendor number and vendor name

       through the fuzzy search function.
   2. Displays the 'Next Approver' column in the 'A/P Invoice Requisition List'.
   3. Provides the print function in the Budget screen of the A/P Invoice Requisition.

•  Advance Request

   1. Bank code can be specified for individual advance request.

•   Item Usage Requisition

    Uses the 'Session Date' as the 'Posting Date' for the I/C internal usages that generated by item usage 


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