Timesheet Management
The Norming PSA system provides a web-based timesheet for employees to enter worked
time on project activities anytime and anywhere. Online approvals of timesheets allow
Managers to review and approve timesheets on a timely basis and also ensure accurate
and efficient cost updates to projects and jobs.

Timesheet Entry

1.  Employees can enter regular working time, overtime, and leave time on timesheet with
     detailed comments.
2.  Timesheets can be entered in a Grid or List view.
3.  Defines timesheet periods for employees to enter timesheets within a specific period.
4.  Project activity assignments can be copied to timesheets to save time on data entry.

Timesheet Approval

5.  Supports timesheet approval workflows to allow timesheets to be reviewed by authorized
6.  Timesheets can be modified or rejected by any approver. Rejected timesheets will be returned
      to the employee.
7.  Maintains entered time, approved time and billable time for each time record.

Time Tracking

8.  Calculates labor costs by the specified costing method for each resource on a project.  9.  Provides multi-dimensional inquiry on employee time usage history.
10.Passes the timesheet record to payroll module to compute employee earnings or deductions.

Overtime Management

11. Supports approval workflows to get overtime requests approved in advance.  12. Supports overtime rules to calculate overtime automatically.
13. Banked overtime can be cashed or taken for vacation.

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