Project Management
The Norming PSA system provides an effective solution for managing all aspects of a project such as project estimate, project approval, task scheduling, issue tracking, deliverables management.

Master Files

1.  Project resources can be categoriezed by Labor, Expense, Material, and Equipment.
2.  Project tasks can be predefined with specific task type.
3.  Work break structures (WBS) can be set up to get project tasks well organized.
4.  Project templates can be created to speed up the process of adding a new project. 

Project Estimate and Approval

5.  Project estimate can be maintained to reflect the forecast of prject cost and revenue.
6.  The comparision between estimate and actuals reflects the project progress.
7.  Project approval, openning and closing workflow can be specified to have project
      estimate, openning and closing approved by authorized employees. 

Project Scheduling and Tracking

8.   Project schedules, progress as well as the assignment of project resources can be
      presented in GANTT charts.

9.   Project managers can assign employees to a specific project task for a period.
10. Project assignments can be copied to a timesheet by employees.
11. Project communication details can be logged and shared on ESS portal.
12. Project issues can be managed by employees on ESS portal.
13. Project documents and deliverables can be managed by employees on ESS portal.

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