Business Partner Management
The Norming PSA system includes features to manage and track your business partner
relationships, as well as sales opportunities, contract management, project billing, and
transaction history inquiry.

Business Partner Management

1.  Maintains customers and suppliers within a single database.  2.  Tracks all communication with business partners. 3.  Provides a central repository for documents about business partners, allowing
     enterprise-wide access anytime

Sales Opportunity Tracking

4.  Allows users to specify the likelihood of closing a sale opportunity at each stage of your
     sales cycle.

5.  By defining each stage, sales staff and management are provided with real-time rolling
     forecasts and pipeline analysis

6.  Simplified workflow features provide automated sales processes to guide salespeople
      through proven selling methods.

7.  Sales opportunities can be converted to contracts. A drilldown link is provided from contracts
      to sales opportunities.

Contract Management

8.   Contract defines some basic information for projects, including contract status, manager,
       priority, project style, start and end date.

9.   Allows user to maintain one or more projects from within a contract.
10. Provides a central repository for documents about contracts, allowing enterprise-wide access

Transaction Inquiry

11. Displays the summary account and detail transaction history of business partners.

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