Asset Tracking
Based on the Asset Accounting module, the Asset Tracking module works with a variety of barcode scanning device to keep track of your assets' status and location. 

Barcode Label
  * Maintain asset barcode information in asset register. 
  * Print asset label with barcode printer. 
  * Use asset label to identify asset unit. 

Interface with Barcode Scanner

  * Download asset information to the barcode scanner. 
  * Predefined barcode scanning program facilitate the asset tracking. 
  * Upload the updated asset information from the barcode scanner. 

The Supported Scanner Device
  * Motorola(Symbol) MC3190, MC9090, MC55 and OS is Win CE or Win Mobile. 

  * Datalogic Skorpio X3

  * Honeywell Dolphin 6000, 6100

  * BluebirdSoft Pidion BIP-5X00, BIP-6000

Besides the above proven brands/models, the following Motorola(Symbol) models should work with Norming too: 

MC65 WM6.5, MC67NA WM6.5, MC3100 CE6.0, MC9100 CE6.0, MC310 WM6.5, 
MC55A WM6.5, MC75A WM6.5, MC9100 WM6.5, MC9500 WM6.5. 

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