Expense Management
The Norming PSA system provides a fully integrated tool for employees to submit expense
reports and cash advance requests via a web browser and seamlessly update your
employee's account to ensure the accuracy of reimbursement or repayment.

Expense Entry

1.  Expenses can be entered on a project, activity, and/or category for cost allocations.
2.  Expenses can be entered in a specific currency and/or quantity.
3.  Expense estimates can be set up for projects to keep expenses under control.

Expense Approval

4.  Supports expense approval workflows to have employee expenses approved by authorized
5.  Allows expense approvers to modify or reject employee expense reports.

Expense Reimbursement

6.  Employee cash advances can be applied to reduce reimbursable expenses.
7.  Employee expenses can be reimbursed through your payroll system.  
8.  Employee cash advances can be repaid through your payroll system.

Expense Tracking

9.   Allocates approved employee expenses on specific projects and activities.
10. Provides multi-dimensional inquiries on employee expense history.
11. Integrates with your payroll system to calculate earnings with reimbursable expenses and
       deductions for cash advances.

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