Norming Resource Manager 2020 PU4 is Released

January 15th 2021

Dear Partners,

Thanks for your continued support of Norming solutions. Norming Resource Manager 2020 PU4 is released with the below new features:

Important Notice

Due to a technology upgrade on the Web Portal, the Web ESS login page is changed to http://server:8080/ess 

after applying PU4.

Part I - Highlights

•  Provides the PJC integration ability for the following functions:

   A/P Payment Requisition
   Sales Quotation 
   Advance Request
   Travel Request

•  Workflow

   Allows to define whether allow and whom to transfer the documents to for approval purpose.
   The ‘Endorse’ ability is provided for the Expense Reports function.
   Allows to specify an approver to reject the requests to, while the requests can only be rejected to requestor 

   in the previous versions.

•  Provides reminders in the ESS Portal and Backend Application before the license expires. 

•  Mobile APP

   Provides the ability to specify substitute employee(s) in the App. 
   Substitute employees are able to do approval/rejection in the App.

•  Technology Improvement

   Removes the 'Struts' layer from the Web Portal framework, which makes the system more secure.

Part II - New Features

•  Purchase Requisition

1. Item permissions can be defined for Job-Related purchase requisition. 
2. Keeps the updated Unit Cost unchanged when the item number, location, quantity or vendor is changed 

    in the purchase requisition detail, while in the previous version, the updated unit cost will be overridden 

    by the default value when any of the above mentioned field is changed.
3. Displays the 'Quoted' column in the Web Purchase Requisition List.
4. Displays the Vendor Currency in the 'Quotation' page.

5. Displays the approval status for details in the Backend Application if the system is set up to approve PR 

    by details. 


•  Receipt Requisition

1. Provides the ability to define which Sage POs ESS users can do goods receipt for. 
2. Discount percent and amount can be entered in the Web Receipt Requisition. 
3. The approved web receipt requisition can be deleted through the Backend Application.
4. The 'Tax Included' field can be maintained in the ESS Portal. 


•  P/O Invoice Requisition

1. Database stored procedure can be called upon clicking 'Save', 'Submit', 'Approve' or 'Reject' button in the 

    Web P/O Invoice Requisition, which allows you to add your own validation into the system. 

•  A/P Invoice Requisition

1. Provides the import/export function in the Backend Application, and  the imported documents can be submitted automatically by a scheduler set up in the Admin Portal

2. Backend users can enter and modify A/P Invoice Requisition in the Backend Application.
3. Provides the ability to restrict users’ access to G/L Account. 

4. The approved web A/P invoice requisition can be deleted through the Backend Application.

•  A/P Payment Requisition

1. Tax Group can be specified for Misc. A/P payment requisition.
2. Displays Bank Code, Currency and Amount columns in the Payment Requisition Batch List in the 

    Backend Application.

•  Sales Quotation

1. Supports tax included/excluded price.


•  Expense Report

1. Provides the PJC integration ability for Travel Request.
2. Cash Advance can be applied to expense report automatically no matter the payment is done in 

    Resource Manager or Account Payable. 

3. Allows to create 'Job Related' AP Invoice if the system is set up to reimburse expenses through 

    Account Payable module.
4. Provides the ability to print Aged Balance by Summary layout.

•  Custom Report

1. Database stored procedure can be called upon clicking the 'Print' button in the Web Custom Report screen, 

    which allows to add your own validation.

•  Leave Request

1. Improves the Leave Account History function to display the time in both days and hours, and provide the ability 

    to print out the history inquiry records. 

•  Project Maintenance

1. Provides the 'Note' field in the Project Maintenance screen

•  Mobile APP

1. Optimizes the expense input process. 
2. Provides the ability to specify which time is overtime in the Timesheet screen.
3. Supports 'Shift' for the Leave function. 
4. Provides the ability to enter discount percent and amount in Purchase Requisition. 
5. Displays 'Credit Limit' information in the Sales Quotation. 

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