Norming Security Suite 2021 is Released

November 20th 2020

Dear Partners,

Thanks for your continued support of Norming solutions. 

We are pleased to announce the release of Norming Security Suite 2021, including the following modules:

  Norming Bank Security 2021

  Norming A/P Security 2021

  Norming A/R Security 2021

  Norming Inventory Security 2021

  Norming Purchase Security 2021

  Norming Sales Security 2021

New Features

New features for Norming Security Suite 2021:

1. Integrates with Sage 300 from v2014 to v2021.

2. Provides the updated Sage 300 standard reports to apply the Norming security settings. 

Notes for applying the updated reports:

a. You can find the updated reports under the "[Sage 300]\[Norming Security]\Eng\RevisedReport" foder. 
Eg. If you're using Norming Bank Security 2021, you can find the report under "[Sage 300]\[BS68A]\Eng\RevisedBKReport". 

b. Before applying the updated reports, please backup the current standard reports.

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