Norming Resource Manager 2020 PU1 is Released

April 15th 2020

Dear Partners,

Thanks for your continued support of Norming solutions. Norming Resource Manager 2020 PU1 is released with the below new features:

Part I - Highlights


1. Allows an employee to clock in/out across multiple locations.

2. Allows clocking in/out for breaks.

Purchase Requisition

Supports Sage 300 Multiple Contacts functionality.

Sales Quotation

Supports Sage 300 Multiple Contacts functionality.

Part II - New Features


1. Supports auto-change between daylight saving time and standard time.

A/P Invoice Requisition
1. Provides the ability to control the expense/cost against GL Account Budget or PJC Estimate/Budget.

Item Usage Requisition
1. Allows to create a new Item Usage Requisition by copying from an existing requisition.

Purchase Requisition
1. Optional fields' value can be passed from I/C items to PR details. 
2. Allows to display the G/L Account on mobile App. 
3. Displays the 'Address' column in the Location Finder.

PO Invoice Requisition
1. Allows to modify the 'Posting Date' in the Backend application.

Sales Quotation
1. Sales Quotation Number can be transferred to backend as O/E Order Entry number. 
2. Supports flexible numbering rules for sales quote revisions. 
3. Displays the 'Comment' column in the Item Finder.

Custom Requisition
1. Attachment can be set as mandatory or optional. 
2. Attachment can be uploaded at detail level.
3. Custom field can be added to the Custom Requisition header.
4. Improves page layout by allowing word wrapping in Text box. 

Cash Advance
1. Allows Approvers to change optional field values. 

Project Scheduling
1. Allows to add non-existing tasks to projects. 

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