Norming Resource Manager 2020 is Released

January 11th 2020

Dear Partners,

Thanks for your continued support of Norming solutions. Norming Resource Manager 2020 is released with the below new features:

Part I - Highlights


Provides the clock in/out function with geo-fencing feature and timesheet integration.

Purchase Requisition

Supports blanket PO, and enhances the online RFQ function.

Receipt Requisition

Provides the over-receipt checking ability.

Sales Quotation

Sales Quotation is available on the mobile app.


Part II - New Modules


1. Clock in/out with the RM mobile app with the time stamps and location information. 
2. View the weekly or monthly attendance summary information.
3. Raise/approve Missed Punch Requests.
4. Actual hours worked can be calculated in Timesheets based on the attendance records.

Part III - New Features

Purchase Requisition

1. Supports blanket PO.

2. Provides the 'Create POs from PRs' functionality in the backend application.
3. Provides the 'PJC Budget Inquiry' functionality.
4. Provides the ability to restrict GL account access by multiple GL account segments.
5. Enhances the online RFQ function.
6. Allows PR to be partially posted to Sage PO for approved details.
7. Supports non-existing vendor(s). 
8. Displays the ‘Purchase Type’ in the Purchase Requisition list. 
9. Displays the next approver on the ‘To Approve List’.

Sales Quotation

1. Sales Quotation is available on the mobile app.
2. Allows to quote items that does not exist on the specified price list. 
3. Displays ‘Location Details’ for items. 

PO Receipt Requisition

1. Provides the over-receipt checking ability.
2. Provides the ability to create one PO receipt requisition from multiple purchase orders.
3. Provides the integration with Sage 300 PJC.
4. Receipt requisition number can be edited. 
5. Provides the ‘Receipt Requisition List’ at the Backend Application.

PO Invoice Requisition

1. Provides the ability to create one PO invoice requisition from multiple P/O receipts.
2. Provides the integration with Sage 300 PJC. 

A/P Payment Requisition

1. Supports ‘Misc. Payment’ payment requisition.
2. ‘Bank Code’ and ‘Payment Currency’ can be viewed/edited per the settings in ESS Users


Provides the timer feature for mobile timesheet to capture time spent on particular projects.


Add Employee Number filter to Leave screens.


1. Fully supports Optional Fields in the Billing functions.

2. Provides a report to preview the billing information generated by the ‘Create Billing Batch’ functionality

Employee Portal

Displays the Company Name on the title bar.

Admin Portal

Provides the ability to create ESS group by copying an ESS Group from a different entitys.

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